Introducing the XS Series

The cornerstone of Xtreme Performance Chemicals’ operations.

Our flagship innovation,

the XS Series

Transforming the Oil & Gas Industry with Unprecedented Recovery Rates.

At Xtreme Performance Chemicals, our commitment to excellence extends to revolutionizing the Oil & Gas industry. We are dedicated to delivering high-performance solutions through our patented XS Series, which has already achieved remarkable results in terms of increased recovery from wells in production and fracturing.

XS series chemicals utilize a unique liquid formula utilizing *sub-nano-technology to be injected downhole into hydrocarbon producing formations for increased recovery and improved flow.

The proprietary formula of XS products interact with the attached hydrocarbons within the formation by disrupting the hydrogen bonding, thus causing the hydrocarbons to be released from the oil bearing formation. This results in increased surface water wetting and a reduction of surface tension allowing the oil to be recovered with increased efficiency.


In addition, metal surfaces and formation surfaces contacted by the XS products are coated with a polymeric barrier, which in turn, protects metal surfaces by reducing corrosion and increasing the conductivity of metal surfaces.

XS Series products are designed for use in cleaning the production zone around the wellbore and the production string. Over time this area becomes fouled with rust, paraffin, calcite, asphaltenes and other minerals that can reduce flow and disrupt production.


XS Series products work to clean the entire production area from the production zone to the storage tanks. When introduced into the production system the XS Series products have a propensity to leave a microscopic layer of protection throughout the entire system. This will in essence “clean” the surface areas, free buildup and prevent and/or minimize any future accumulation.

1. Exceeding Recovery Expectations

  • Striking Recovery Increases: The XS Series has redefined what’s possible in the industry. We’re proud to report that many wells utilizing our XS Series have experienced astonishing recovery increases, with some exceeding 400% improvement in production and fracturing operations.

The Science of Contact Angles and Wettability

  • Impactful Contact Angles: Understanding contact angles and wettability is key to recovery. The XS Series optimizes these critical factors, enhancing the interaction between our solutions and formation rocks, resulting in more efficient recovery.

  • Exceeding EUR Standards: The industry average for Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) typically falls within the range of 15%-25%. However, XS Series has shattered these norms, consistently achieving EUR rates of 65% or greater. This places us at the forefront of efficiency and performance in the Oil & Gas sector.

Sustainable Advancements

  • Reduced Environmental Footprint: Sustainability is a core pillar of our mission. The XS Series minimizes resource usage, reduces waste, and mitigates environmental impact, aligning with global goals for responsible resource management.

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* Sub-nano clusters often have unusual structures that do not obey our intuition. The language of chemical bonding in clusters is currently undergoing an explosive development, but it is far from being complete. So far, it is found that the bonding rules are more complex than in traditional molecules, and often unprecedented. This chapter discusses the main rules of chemical bonding in clusters developed to date. Then, it discusses some applications of clusters in technology, in a variety of structural contexts. The understanding of chemical bonding in clusters is ultimately needed for the development of applications of clusters in materials. Opportunities for cluster material science are virtually infinite, and many of them will emerge in the years to come. 

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