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Leading Innovation in High-Performance Chemical Solutions.

We strive to be the trusted partner of choice for operators across the globe.

About Our Founder

Shawn Kurtz is the Principle of Xtreme Performance Chemicals.

I started working in the oil and gas industry in 1994 after discharge from the US Navy. “As a young man growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I watched several family members and friends of the family go from good paying jobs to losing everything during the 80’s oilfield bust. ‘I had no desire to put myself in that position, my dream was to go to college and become an ophthalmologist.’ However, while attending Southwest Texas State University, I realized my values didn’t align with what the professors were teaching”.

“In 1993, I joined the US Navy. There I learned the value of commitment, respect and honor. Utilizing my US Navy electronics training background as an FC Fire controlman’ (abbreviated as FC) is a United States Navy occupational rating. Often confused with being fireman on board a ship, FC’s actually operate advanced weapons systems, whereas Damage Controlman (DC) are actually the shipboard firefighters”.

“I started at the bottom roughnecking in the Austin Chalk. I then worked my way from “worm corner” to a job at MD/Totco, from there I went on to hold positions from snubbing to MWD/Directional drilling before landing in the production side of the business as an account manager offshore for a major chemical provider. From there I accepted a position as Technical Service Supervisor for another major chemical provider with assignments offshore & inland across the major plays in the USA”. 


“In 2007, I made the leap to start my first chemical company in South Texas, utilizing my experience working for the majors designing and building chemicals that would help me grow my own business I have made a career out of building chemicals that outperform the competition. We build performance chemicals, I don’t want to build something ‘cookie-cutter’, I have made it my goal to build better products that outperform the standard chemistry. If we cannot build them ‘in-house’ we source the very best and cutting-edge products to bring to the market. I want to help solve the problem. We owe it to our children, our country, and the world to be better stewards of our resources”.


“To me, that means that we should efficiently and safely recover every drop of oil or gas that we can.” It is our goal at Xtreme Performance Chemicals, to do just that. We are constantly innovating, looking at new technology that we can manipulate and improve upon to build customized solutions for our customers and our energy industry”.

“I have made it my goal over the past decade to change the way we perceive and operate. I have been frustrated by the industry’s reluctance to embrace new technology, while at the same time begging for new technology”.


“At Xtreme Performance Chemicals, I have focused on EOR and Flowback Aid solutions that outperform the conventional chemistries to recover more oil and gas from one wellbore. Maximizing ROI for investors and operators.” 


“I want to bring a new approach to the table. I want Xtreme Performance Chemicals to become a true partner with operators. Let us engage, let us work with you to find a solution. I know they exist.”

Xtreme Performance Chemicals focuses on chemistry that outperform today’s standard chemistry to solve industry challenges

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